Bisexual men are better lovers, fathers and partners


For many women it is a taboo. But a relationship with a bisexual man can have unexpected advantages. Thanks to years of hard work by LGBT activists, today more people than ever dare to come out as bi- or homosexuals. Instead of a sharp black-and-white picture of only two gender identities, there are many shades of grey today.

A recent study confirmed that 43 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds do not define themselves as homosexual or heterosexual, and according to another study, there are no heterosexual women at all, only bi- and homosexuals.

Two thirds do not want a bisexual man

These data show the image of a now very open society, at least among young people. Nevertheless, dating a bisexual man remains a taboo for many women. Even the American model Amber Rose, who publicly advocates an open approach to sex, explained during a question and answer session on Facebook that she would not feel comfortable having a relationship with a bisexual man.

“I don’t condemn anyone, but personally I can’t imagine it. I don’t know why.” A study of the American edition of Glamour magazine also found that two-thirds of all women would not want to date a man “who had sex with another man”.

Bisexual men are better lovers and more loving partners

But anyone who declares bisexuality to be a knockout criterion is turning a blind eye to great partners:

  • Recent research has shown that bisexual men who are open to bisexuality are better lovers and, as the relationship develops, more loving long-term partners and fathers. Also it is mentioned that they ought to watch less porn. As a matter of fact, Bisexual Porn is not very common in the new media types like VR Porn. Popular Sites like VRPORNFREE reflect that, too.
  • Some participants in the Australian study even stated that they could not imagine ever being together with a heterosexual man again.

Dealing with one’s own masculinity

This tendency can be strongly explained by the fact that bi-men have been more concerned with their sexuality and masculinity – and this includes negative aspects such as aggression. They attach less importance to traditional gender roles.

More open to different sexual practices

Dr. Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli from Deakin University is the author of the book “Women in Relationships with Bisexual Men”. She interviewed 79 women who were together with bisexual men. “The partners of these women had to question their masculinity. Therefore, they were much more sensitive and had an interest in building an equal partnership. They were very respectful and wanted a household with equal roles.

They were also aware of the diversity of sexual needs, and therefore more open to sexual practices that do not meet heteronormative standards.” Many of these couples have explored new sexual practices together, women would have liked to experiment with polyamority and BDSM and have been encouraged to try same-sex sex themselves.

Men who are not “out” tend to aggression

But of course these experiences were not universally valid: Men who do not deal with their same-sex attraction and even suppress it tend to leave out aggression against their wives. So it is all the more important that there is a good and broad sex education in schools that also includes LGBT experiences. When women accidentally learn about their partner’s same-sex sexual needs, it is often a difficult experience for the first time. They either break up immediately, find another reason to end the relationship, or navigate through the difficult time together. Many are then faced with the decision:

“Is it worth giving up a wonderful, sensitive, loving partner who is great in bed because he also wants to sleep with men? Many then try to find a solution that includes all aspects of a person in the relationship.